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Office of International Affairs

International exchange in higher education is a way of realizing cultural integration, human respect, and civilized communication. It enhances the quality of education by providing a global perspective and diversified viewpoints for students and faculty members. Owing to the low birth rate in Taiwan, commitment to international affairs and exchange plays a crucial role in higher education.


Office of International Affairs (OIA) advocated by Former University President Ren C. Luo on the basis of the importance of globalization in higher education, was established as a first-degree administrative unit in 2005. The purpose of OIA is to coordinate official university business and exchange activities, and to deal with international student affairs.


There are two divisions in OIA


I. Division of International Academic Cooperation


The Division of International Academic Cooperation encourages faculty members and students to engage in international (including Mainland China) activities and research programs and/or collaborations. The main objectives of this Division are as follows:


  1. Promoting Faculty Participation in International Conferences
  2. Promoting Graduate Students Participation in International Conferences
  3. Coordination International Programs and Activities
  4. Promote Promoting International Exchange and Collaboration


II. Division of International Students


International institutions of higher education are making efforts to organize programs that cultivate students’ global perspectives, and encourage them to go overseas for higher education. Therefore, it is crucial that CCU creates favorable environments and learning conditions to recruit international students.


  1. Assisting International Students
  2. Promoting Student Mobility