2018 Sep 26National Chung Cheng University ranks the 17th top research institution in the world-- by the research outputs indicator under the category of universities established after 1988
2018 Aug 11Learning Center for Activating Exercise Program is Officially Opened
2018 Aug 10International Workshop held by Engineering College
2018 Aug 09International Intelligence System and Gerontechnology Seminar
2018 Jul 03Global view monthly
2018 Jun 29CCU Built Up Chiayi Innovative Startup Alliance
2018 Jun 28CCU Sets Up the Bamboo Industry Consortium and Boost New Bamboo Economy
2018 May 10Thai Film Festival and Multi-media Video Workshop at CCU
2016 Apr 29Shine Bright in Youth, Deny Drug Abuse
2016 Apr 29"Minshung Doodle Picnicking Day" on May 21th, we welcome you to experience the feature of Minshung local industry.
2016 Apr 25“Three Storytellers”, an original drama, produced by Story Works will be held at auditorium On April 28th.
2014 Dec 24Hearing-Impaired Chen Ruilin Reflects Society With Philosophy of Science
2014 Dec 12CCU Builds Water Saving System Awarded by the Economic Department
2014 Nov 13Department of Social Welfare Students Circle Taiwan to Raise Awareness for Issues of the Elderly
2014 Nov 10Booting Within 6 Seconds, CCU Develops Quick Switch Technology