2019 Sep 16Graduate programs for student admissions through screening and recommendation are open for application from October 8, 2019, the number of enrollment available in the fields of AI, informational and communicational engineering has increased
2019 Aug 12International breakthrough discovery in research! Deching Chang, Professor of Biomedical Sciences Department from National Chung Cheng University develops gene therapy vector to effectively enhance the prostate cancer treatment
2019 Aug 06New milestone for international cooperation, National Chung Cheng University signed up with India South Asia Bamboo Foundation to promote bamboo relevant industries into international business
2019 Jul 27The cultivation cradle for Taiwanese and Indian research talents, National Chung Cheng University unveiled its overseas AI research center for business
2019 Jul 25Taiwan-Japan cross-domain innovative cooperation on age cares, National Chung Cheng University plans to orchestrate an Intergenerational Symbiotic Park
2019 Jul 24Making all-out effort to promote New Southbound academic exchange, the College of Engineering of National Chung Cheng University brought back the International Teachers Seminar Workshop to deepen the relationship with Southeast Asia
2019 Jul 17National Chung Cheng University develops smart aquaculture technology to detect nodavirus in groupers within 20 minutes
2019 Jun 25To consolidate the link between seismic study and geological research, National Chung Cheng University and Central Geological Survey signed a cooperative Memorandum of Understanding
2019 Jun 24Professor James H.-Y. Tai of National Chung Cheng University who loves life and cares about public interests, helps people with his on-going donation for more than 20 years
2019 Jun 11Popularizing the education of programming language, master competitors gathering at the National Chung Cheng University for the 2nd On-Campus Grand Programming Competition
2019 Jun 06Food, agriculture and the senior citizens in conbination-- National Chung Cheng University’s ‘Sage Education on Food and Agriculture Instructor Training Program’ is on the road
2019 May 31Out of 10 awardees nationwide, two CCU professors were honored by CIE with the "2019 Outstanding Engineering Professor Award"
2019 Apr 25Power up the international academic exchanges on aging study, the National Chung Cheng University promotes database application of senior society research findings in full strength
2019 Apr 23New entrepreneurial ideas won gold and bronze medals, the outstanding performance of Chung Cheng University students recognized and praised in the international competition in Korea
2019 Mar 19Reaching out to overseas talents, the College of Science and the College of Engineering of National Chung Cheng University jointly headed down to Indonesia for student recruitment