Booting Within 6 Seconds, CCU Develops Quick Switch Technology

Published on Nov 10 2014

You only need 6 seconds to turn on the cellphone? Professor Luo Xi Wu of Chung Cheng University's Computer Science and Information Engineering Department developed a "quick switch" technology by using the characteristic of random access to the flash memory and modifying the code of the operating program. This enhanced the effectiveness by reducing the time to one third of the usual time needed when turning on a cellphone, also saving electricity of electronic products during standby. The technology is currently patented in Taiwan and South Korea, as well as collaborating with manufacturers of chips and software to complete three technology transfer cases. It is successfully applied on an Android cellphone, and in the future, it will be applied in the Chunghwa Telecom MOD, car computers, etc. The output value of Taiwan and the United States is estimated to reach 8 or 9 billion dollars.

"Initially I found out that there are more efficient code wording when I saw the coding related to power saving in the operating system, that's why I started the research." Said Luo Xi Wu, plus the fact that when most people use electronic products, they disliked turning off so they set it in the standby mode for a long time because of the slow booting, causing the increase in power consumption. Thus, Luo Xi Wu re-edited the code, using the characteristic of random access to the flash memory, and developed a "fast switch" technology.

Compared with the average Android smartphone, which needs 40 seconds to boot, "fast switch" technology requires only six seconds on, 10 seconds off, greatly improving the effectiveness of electronic products. Furthermore, the law stated that the standby power consumption of electronic products must not exceed 0.1 watts, but most of the products now on the market are still wasting energy for putting the products on standby mode.

Luo Xi Wu took the Chunghwa Telecom MOD commonly seen in families for example, the power consumption when using is 12 watts per hour, while on standby mode is 11 watts per hour. If the use of two hours a day consumes 24 watts, then the rest of the 22 hours that is not in use 22 would waste up to 242 watts of electricity. "This is equivalent to using 1.5 LED bulbs a day without turning it off, and the monthly bills also increased by 20 to 40 dollars!" Luo Xi Wu says, "Quick switch" technology not only shorten the booting time, but also reduces power consumption of the products on standby mode to almost 0 watts.

Currently, "Fast Booting" technology has gained Taiwan and South Korea patent protection, and having three successful technology transfer, including Internet-related industries in the Uchi Netcom Corp., while in Taiwan and the United States, the smart TV industry value could be estimated to create as much as 8 to 9 billion NT dollars. Luo Xi Wu pointed out that in recent years, smart phones, TVs, home appliances has risen, due to the complexity of software systems compared to the past, the speed of booting has been relatively affected. Being too slow will reduce the willingness of people to buy the products. The technology has been applied not only on the Android smart phone, but can also be applied in the future, such as intelligent electronic products Chunghwa Telecom MOD and vehicle reversing devices.