CCU Celebrates 25th Birthday With the Emperor of Five Grains Circling the Parade

Published on Oct 25 2014

It has been 25 years since National Chung Cheng University has settled in Chiayi, having bred numerous elites."This year, CCU made its wonderful debut on the 25th not only by having enthusiastic teachers and students to participate in various sports events, but also had The Emperor of Five Grains (Shennong Emperor) of Minxiong Gu Feng Temple to circle the parade riding on a palanquin with a magnificent "percussion array."

On the day CCU was 25 years old, the campus was all full of the atmosphere of rejoicing. Crowds began gathering at 8 in the morning at the track and field, and the faculty and students of the seven colleges entered one by one. When the line was ending, the burst of drums attracted curious viewers to crane their neck to see Shennong Emperor coming to the open ceremony of CCU's celebration, having almost 40 members of the temple using the way of "lifting the palanquin to please the gods,' and having Shennong to sit on the platform watching the beautiful campus and the booming development of CCU in the 25 years.

President of CCU Wu Zhi Yang said, "I believe many students were not yet born when CCU was founded. It was a tough period, starting from scratch and developing into its present size. There's a saying that reminds people to thank the tree for the eaten fruits, and CCU is very appreciative of the help and care the countrymen of Minxiong Gu Feng Temple has given, whether it is about the area of the campus, the tables and chairs, or other classroom equipment." Recalling the donation of the land of Minxiong Gu Feng Temple during the year of founding CCU, CCU presented a plaque to the temple, having the chairman of the committee Zheng Chun Long as a representative to accept it.
The school expressed that the words on the plaque meant that CCU was widely covered with the bliss from the gods, to express respect and gratitude to the temple.

Minxiong Gu Feng Temple was formerly called the Temple of The Emperor of Five Grains, founded in the Qing Dynasty during the period of Emperor Kangxi, and the worshiping of The Emperor of Five Grains is also called Shennong Emperor. Since the era of the occupation of Japanese, Minxiong Gu Feng Temple has acquired a lot of land with a capacity of up to 170 hectares, for many years actively promoting the education and welfare of local communities. The event that most people talked about was that in 1989, the temple agreed to provide 110 hectares of agricultural land of the temple for the school's campus, in which there are 60 hectares free of charge, promoting the smooth establishment of CCU in Minxiong Township, Chiayi County .

The school pointed out that since the 1980s, the degree of high education in the southern part of Taiwan was very low, because a lot of universities were concentrated in northern part. More than three million countrymen in Yunlin and Chiayi were eager to establish a university. When the central acknowledged this problem, news that they decided to establish National Chung Cheng University came out and there were fierce competition in the three counties Chiayi, Yunlin, and Tainan. After the local elites proposed for after 30 times, Chiayi County finally won the chance of establishing the university. In addition, when the central government declared that "cities and counties must provide 120 hectares of land to facilitate the development of the campus" as a necessary condition, Minxiong Gu Feng Temple was the key reason to the founding of the school because of the donation of the land. "Without the temple offering the large area of land, CCU can't be established."

The lighting of the beacon at the celebration of the Games were by students who took part in the National Intercollegiate Athletic games Li Hao Rong and the University category of Chinese Taipei Billiard Federation Wang Yu Kai, who both won silver medals, declaring the official start of the 25th anniversary celebration of the Games of CCU. The representative of the athletes oath was Hong You Ting of the Department of Athlete Sports, who just won a gold medal in Taekwondo of World University Championships Yun Jing Department of Hong Youting, as the athletes oath representative.

At the opening ceremony, in addition to the handover ceremony of the old mascot Ali to the new one A-Tao, the school elected eight alumni who particularly shone in various fields to accept the praise onstage. People such as Xu Weiting, who were an alumni of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, was awarded National Outstanding Young Alumni of Society, Chen Ying Jun, a Business Administration Department Alumni, who reached the milestone of Asia's first "aviation grade aluminum wheelchair," Zheng Sheng Wen, principal of Chiayi Girls' High School, Secretary Hu Mu Yuan of Ministry of the Interior National Police Criminal Police, executive director Lin Yi Ying of Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation, etc. At noon, the teachers and students, alumni and many other people to have a get together at the school's gymnasium.

After a day of intense sporting events, and the theme firework show, followed by singers such as Lin Fan, the celebration of CCU's 25th anniversary has finally perfectly ending. Next, at 10 a.m. on the 28th, former President and former Preparatory Committee convener Lee Deng Hui will be invited to National Chung Cheng University, and the school would present an honorary doctorate to him, welcoming teachers and students to come along.