CCU Built Up Chiayi Innovative Startup Alliance

Published on Jun 29 2018

CCU set up “Innovative Startup Base” today (06.29.2018) and built up “Chiayi Innovative Startup Alliance”, 7 heads signed the cooperation memorandum together and announced “Chiayi Innovative Startup Alliance” is established.

The alliance will cooperate for 5 years. Innovative Startup Base in CCU integrates industries, governments, academic research and innovative fund to satisfy the diversified needs of innovation startup and provide service in all domains, such as course training, activity engagement, venue supply, professional industry-academic counseling, chance for international collaboration and startup fund introduction, etc. They use LINE, an online communicating tool to reply the local needs immediately. No matter it is about courses, activities, counseling, expanding business or reach the global stage, they hope they could provide as more information and cooperation as they could to local corporations and residents in Chiayi.

Innovative Startup Base in CCU has offered many courses, counselled more than 10 student startup teams and assisted 5 of them to enter the innovative startup contest held by Ministry of Science and Technology. Now, 132 square feet of Innovative Startup Base in CCU is under refurbishment, and we are raising fund to set up CCU Incubation Cooperation at the same time to help outstanding teams raised by Innovative Startup Base to start a business. We hope we could work hard together with members of the alliance to cultivate local innovative startup power of Chiayi, and even be the southern focus in contrast with Asia Silicon Valley to train entrepreneurs and unicorn start-up.