Learning Center for Activating Exercise Program is Officially Opened

Published on Aug 11 2018

Center for Innovative Research on Aging Society(CIRAS) held the opening ceremony of ” Learning Center for Activating Exercise Program” and a series activities. The host also invited the chairman of General Corporation Aggregate who is also the designer of “Organization of Physical and Mental Activated Therapy In Japanese”, SHINSEI KOGAWA (小川真誠) come to discuss the crisis of Population ageing in Chiayi.

Although a lot of the facilities of “Physical and Mental Activated Therapy” has been built in many communication but those facilities are not used in right way and the users can’t understand the spirits of it. The aim is to stimulate the function of the body such as nerves, cognition, and language ability which can prevent senescence and disability. CIARS start a class of Physical and Mental Activated Therapy which also is called KOGAWA Class and Mr.Kogawa taught every attendee in person to do the exact activities.

CIRAS have held a series of activities to train the workers in the KOGAWA Class and wishes the class could be the training base to cultivate trainer getting into the institutions or system of long-term care service and also enhance the cooperation with Japan in the future.