International Intelligence System and Gerontechnology Seminar

Published on Aug 09 2018

National Chung Cheng University host the 2018 International Intelligence System and Gerontechnology Seminar and invite 9 experts from different countries including Taiwan. This seminar includes various topics such as the challenge and chances of Gerontechnology, assistance of AI to visual-challenged and mental-challenged patients, development and application of motion tracking and application of AR in health care industry.
The chief of Gerontechnology innovative center, Feng-Ming Hao said “The College of Engineering of Chung Cheng University has studied AI for several years which means we not only have strength in study but also have some accomplishments in our research. According to current trend, there are much more professors participating in this program, Gerontechnology. We should follow the trend and figure out how to integrate different field to promote Gerontechnology.”
National Chung Cheng University also got sponsorship from Ministry of education to build 2 featured research centers. Two centers are Advanced Institute of Manufacturing with High-Tech Innovations (AIM-HI) and Center for Innovative Research on Aging Society(CIRAS). The center targets to study Gerontechnology in Humanistic and also follow the New Southbound Policy to boost the academic communication with South Asia.