Global view monthly

Published on Jul 03 2018

The latest survey of 2018 best Taiwan university in Global View Monthly Magazine has come out. National Chung Cheng University places in the top 5 in category of literature, commerce, and law. Moreover, Chung Cheng University makes in the top 20 in academic performance and teaching performance.
The ranking of university is divided into different groups by subjects’ attribute such as category of comprehensive, category of literature, law and commerce, category of medicine, category of technical and category of private school. There are more than 60 percent of school participate in the evaluation of category of literature, law and commerce.
In order to guarantee the third part inspection. The survey team in Global View Monthly Magazine cooperates with ELSEVIER, the international renowned publishing house. This time the survey also didn’t publish the entire ranking.
In the past, the ranking of university specially focus on the essay performance but this time they have changed the social reputation into social influence, take social welfare in inspection and take various features of university into consideration.