National Chung Cheng University ranks the 17th top research institution in the world-- by the research outputs indicator under the category of universities established after 1988

Published on Sep 26 2018

The "Nature Index (NI)", which is highly valued by the natural science academic community, recently revealed the world's top 30 universities established after 1988. National Chung Cheng University (CCU) is ranked 17th this year and is the only university listed from Taiwan. It shows that the scientific research performance of CCU, in the fields of chemistry, earth and environmental science has been internationally recognized.

"Nature Index" is an indicator provided by the internationally renowned scientific journal publishing company “Spring Nature" in order to give analytic insights on high-quality research outputs globally. The productivities and authors’ contribution to research papers of various institutions and countries in publications are tracked from 82 top academic journals such as "Nature", "Science" and "Cell", over the topics across the natural sciences of chemistry, life science, earth and environmental science, and physics science. The rankings based on NI are considered to be reliable and significant to show the relative competitiveness between the world's research institutions in terms of top academic research capability.

This year’s ranking result is based on the research papers published from July 2017 to June 2018 by universities established after 1988. CCU is the only Taiwan university listed in the index. The Office of Research and Development of CCU points out that the outstanding performance in research, mainly in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, earth and environmental science, a total of 11 papers were published in the world's top journals, is the key for the university to be ranked among the top 30 in the world. On top of that, the research in life science and physics science with one paper each selected by the process also contributed to the ranking result.

In addition, not only the College of Science of CCU performs well, in the past few years, the research achievements of CCU in the fields of computer science, mechanical engineering, linguistics etc. were also once ranked into the top 500 globally on the QS World University Rankings. Recently, the "Round University Ranking (RUR) 2018" which is another indictor focusing on aspects of teaching, research, international diversity and financial sustainability, ranks CCU 556 in the world on overall performance, and consequently, placing CCU in the 14th position among all universities in Taiwan.
Since the transnational flow of higher education has become a trend, more and more foreign students choose to study in Taiwan. The Office of Research and Development believes that the international rankings not only can highlight the university's international competitiveness but also enhance its visibility. All ranking results are regarded as a reference to helps students to make decisions in choosing universities, as well for the transnational academic cooperation to be considered between universities worldwide. CCU maybe still in its young stage, however, recent NI rankings indicates that this university is well enough to compete with other universities around the world.