Out of 10 awardees nationwide, two CCU professors were honored by CIE with the "2019 Outstanding Engineering Professor Award"

Published on May 31 2019

Recently, the Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE), a non-profit entity and one of the most-historical and largest multi-disciplinary professional organization in Taiwan, has announced the winners of its 2019 Engineering Awards. This year, only 10 people are honored with the "Outstanding Engineering Professor Award" nationwide. Among these 10 awardees, Dr. Gary W. Chang and Dr. De-Shin Liu are the two professors from the National Chung Cheng University (CCU). CCU proudly releases that Professor Chang, the Vice President of the university, has nearly 30 years of teaching and working experience in Electrical Engineering; Professor Liu, the Chairman of Advanced Institute of Manufacturing with High-Tech Innovation (AIM-HI), is also a leading professional in the field of precision machinery structure design and computational mechanics; both professors are well known of their remarkable achievements in research, teaching performance and social contribution, deserving of such honor.

Dr. Chang, the Distinguished Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering, is an internationally recognized scholar in the field of power quality study. He is also the only scientist in Taiwan keeping an important leadership position in the IEEE Power & Energy Society, and very active in both academic and industrial circles. Since the year 2000, Professor Chang has been leading many talent scientists with either Master or doctoral degree, to carry out more than 90 research projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the industrial circles, in an effort to practically solve numerous electric power engineering related problems. Besides, in the past 10 years, Professor Chang also dedicates his time to the core research of the National Energy Program (NEP), in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology, concentrating on the development of smart grid, renewable energy and electricity liberalization in Taiwan.

Before started his teaching career at CCU in 1998, Professor Chang worked for Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution in the U.S. for many years, on the aspects of power quality, electric power systems, and electricity deregulation. He has accumulated nearly 30 years of experience in electric power engineering research, teaching and practical application. To date, Professor Chang has published more than 300 international conference and archival journal articles, one textbook, and more than 80 technical and research reports. All his projects mainly focus on the development of smart grid and of the measurement technology for micro-grid power quality, development and application of real-time modelling technology, renewable energy electric power forecast, power equipment failure detection and the power distribution technology.

Another outstanding scholar is Dr. Liu, De-Shin, a Distinguished Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He specializes in mechatronics analysis, innovative numerical methods, microscopic experimental mechanics, etc. He is an eminent scientist in the fields of precision machinery structure design and computational mechanics, and also the founder of the dynamic infinite element method. Professor Liu not only helps the domestic industry to uplift its engineering technical standard in Taiwan, but also serves as a director of the Taiwan Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), a member of the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS), and member of the Editor of Journal of Mechanics of the Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Republic of China (STAM, R.O.C).

Over the years, Professor Liu has published 84 SCI-levelled journal articles, meanwhile independently developed the multi-particle and dynamic infinite element method, opening a new research direction for the field of numerical analysis methods. CCU pointed out that Professor Liu is highly active in leading and participating in the industry-academia collaboration programs. Currently, he is in the execution of some large-scaled industry-academia projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, including the research and development of high-accuracy intelligent gear grinding machine, development of high foaming ratio injection molding system, Digital designing and manufacturing of machine tools and, the alliance of intelligent control technology.