Graduate programs for student admissions through screening and recommendation are open for application from October 8, 2019, the number of enrollment available in the fields of AI, informational and communicational engineering has increased

Published on Sep 16 2019

The Master’s and doctoral programs of the 109th academic year of National Chung Cheng University (CCU), for the student admissions through screening and recommendation, are open for application beginning October 8, 2019. This time, there will be 48 discipline departments offering graduate programs for 727 future Master students. Additionally, 5 departments will also provide doctoral programs for 7 keen candidates. Since CCU was designated by the Ministry of Education as one of the advanced national information and communication centers for cultivating talents of digital technology, it increases the enrollment quotas particularly aiming at the departments of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Communicational Engineering, in order to cultivate more talents in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), Informational and communicational engineering for Taiwan.

The Admission Division at CCU Office of Academic Affairs explained that the reasons for the significant increase of the graduate student admissive places in the 109th academic year, are mainly because of the continuous cooperation between CCU Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and the Ministry of Education, on the project of ‘AI Technology and the Cyber Security talent training on university campus’; and of the fact that CCU was chosen to be one of the advanced national information and communication centers for cultivating talents of digital technology. The number increase is part of the plan to be in line with the future demands.

As to the application process, the Admissions Team stated that except for the specific regulations, all applicants should only submit the required materials through online system for the sake of reducing students’ burden on time and money. To financially disadvantaged students, CCU would offer the full exemption or reduction service on their application fee. The discipline department of Social Welfare has also kept some places available especially for Taiwanese students with indigenous background.

The CCU Admissions Prospectus for Master’s and doctoral programs has been released on the Admissions Information website at , any person who shows interest to apply can feel free to visit or download the information from the website. To apply for an admissive place, the possible applicants should firstly visit the online admissions system to obtain the application payment account number and a pass-code for online registration. The Admissions Team reminds people that once the payment has been processed, the applicants must log in the system between 9:00 am on October 8 and 5:00 pm on October 21 to register basic personal information, then upload or submit the required materials for examination according to the admissions guidance.

The Admissions Team pointed out that, CCU is well deserved the title of one of the best universities in Taiwan. For example, in response to the government's New Southbound Policy, CCU has recently collaborated with the Indian Institute of Technology Ropar (IIT Ropar) and Chitkara University to establish the “Indo-Taiwan Joint Research Center on AI” in India, as a key cultivation cradle for Taiwanese and Indian research talents. More to that, in the past few years, the scientific accomplishments such as the technology development, led by CCU professor of the Department of Biomedical Sciences, for cancer gene therapy to treat Prostate cancer; and the development of real time smart aquaculture technology, led by the professor of the Center for Nano Bio-detection, to detect nodavirus in groupers, could also be regarded as some greatest demonstrations of CCU’s astonishing research power to the world. CCU’s academic performance on fields of humanities, law and business, has also been ranked the fourth, in that particular category, in Global Views Monthly magazine 2019 Taiwan best university survey.

The Admissions Team claimed that CCU balances the academic development on humanities, science and engineering to be its advantage, and often encourages the inter-disciplinary co-operations and the international academic exchanges to enhance students’ ability. CCU well considers the mutual benefit for either the industrial needs or the future of its students, it not only cultivates cross-domain talents for various industries, but also paves out the career opportunities for students. CCU welcomes all undergraduate students and Master graduates from every universities, and the working individuals, to apply for the admissions and thereafter to be part of the CCU family.