Chiang Yihsiung, the key figure on establishing CCU, is awarded as the honorable professor and he shares his story with students.

Published on Oct 22 2013

Professor Chiang Yisyong has bonded himself imperceptibly with CCU in its initial construction; Attribute to the passionate invitation of the former CCU President, Lin Cingjiang, Chiang Yihsiung plans the whole layouts of campus, concerns about the development of administrative affairs, and even promotes the local construction in Minhsiung to accommodate the needs of CCU members and Minhsiung residents. On the 24th anniversary of CCU, CCU awards Chiang Yihsiung as the honorable professor to appreciate his long-term support and assistance under the witness of Chiayi Mayor Huang Minhui. Professor Chiang also shares his reminiscence about setting up CCU with the rest of the members and titles it as “Recollection of the birth, growth, and blessing in National Chung Cheng University.”

As one of the locals in Chiayi, Professor Chiang is the first Taiwanese who studies at Meji University and acquires Doctor of Laws in Japan. After coming back to Taiwan, Professor Chiang is keen to serve his hometown. In 1988, due to the invitation of former CCU President Lin Cingjiang, Professor Chiang joined the Pre-opening Office where he served as the consultant and the chair of administration. Later, he becomes both Professor and Dean of General Affairs in the subsequent years. CCU indicates that at the beginning of CCU’s establishment, Professor Chiang shown his spirit of persistence and painstaking on contracting out construction, planning campus route, designing CCU college insignia... and the like. In addition, Professor Chiang and President Lin once went around Chiayi in order to provide CCU faculty a better accommodation.

Besides, Professor Chiang even set up Department of Labor Relations, Department of Law, Department of Financial & Economic Law, and College of Law. Furthermore, he acts as the first director of those departments and colleges, the committee member and chairman of teacher committee. He actively builds rules and regulations and further successfully forms the current structure of College of Law.

In his sixth and seventh duration of being a member of the Legislative Yuan, the incumbent National Policy Adviser, Professor Chiang Yihsiung, of President Palace is once responsible as the convener for committees of education, culture, discipline, and fund audit. Therefore, he is ranked at the first place among legislators in Citizen Congress Watch. Although Professor Chiang hustles and bustles on other business, he still goes lecturing in CCU every week; CCU students also pay their respect in return. Besides, Professor Chiang pays lots of attention to the development of administrative affairs. He strives for various resources and funds and actively promotes four prominent universities, NCKU, NSYSU, CCU, and NCHU, which are located in south central district and later are merged into Taiwan Comprehensive University System (TCUS). Moreover, he executes the plan to build interchange in Minhsiung and set the Minhsiung train stop. Attributing to his contribution, the transportation of Minhsiung facilitates CCU students and faculty to commute.

Professor Chiang, who resigns his job as a legislator, returns CCU for lecturing once again last year. During the coming of CCU’s 24th anniversary, CCU honors Professor Chiang with the degree of the honorable professor for hailing Professor Chiang’s devotion to CCU. Also, Professor Chiang shares his recollection on witnessing CCU’s establishing process. He indicates that after returning to CCU, he feels touched because of seeing those senior colleagues and new faculty. In addition, he promises that he will dedicate himself for serving CCU in the future as well.