The only Sport Story Museum among universities, invites you to the tour of Taiwan baseball history.  

Published on Feb 21 2014

test1Do you want to have some fun during weekends? Then have a tour in Sport Story Museum! After a year of planning, CCU Physical Education Center has turned into the first Sport Story Museum among universities, enables visitors to have a multi-functional place for leisure, recreation and sightseeing. Sport Story Museum previously opened on Feb. 21st. Along with the upcoming movie “KANO”, the museum features exhibitions relating to Taiwan baseball history in its very first year. There are also baseball displays and collections offered by the baseball collector, Coach Ye Guo-Hui. In the future, the museum will also open CCU baseball field for all visitors where the movie crew of “KANO” uses it as film set.

CCU Sport Story Museum originated in 2012 when Director Wei Te-Sheng borrowed CCU baseball field as the set of movie “KANO”. At the same time, Physical Education Center advanced the plan “The Reformation of CCU Physical Education Center – Sport Story Museum” in order to preserve the film sets and props that were been used in the period of Japanese rule such as the dugout and scoreboard. Through this reformation, the Physical Education Center which originally only provides people a place to exercise could be upgraded to a multi-functional sport village for visitors. CCU indicates that the Sport Story Museum is the initiative construction among universities and CCU wishes this museum could be a new spot on the campus.

Sport Story Museum includes Main Sport Complex, Baseball Hall, Souvenir Shop, Dining Hall and Holiday Bizarre. Besides, the walls in the Sport Story Museum are also decorated with the introduction of every sport, knowledge of sport injury and nutrition, and Sport Hall of Fame for CCU alumni. Especially, the Baseball Hall is under the limelight this year. There are exhibitions about the development of Taiwan baseball history and abundant baseball collections are on display. The special exhibition features 87 significantly important baseball collections and over 200 autographed commemorative baseballs. CCU indicates that most of the displays are offered gratis by the national champion and coach, Ye Guo-Hui, who leads Chinese Taipei Baseball Team numerously to international competitions. Moreover, two of the CCU alumni, national taekwondo and badminton champions, Su Li-Wen and Cheng Wen-Hsing, also provide their personal sporting equipment as museum collections.

Among the various collections, many of them have special and interesting background stories. For example, the key highlights of Baseball Hall, the autographed ball by Chen Wei-Yin, Zheng Xing-Sheng’s legendary baseball bat which ever scored in 21 games in row; Guo Yuan-Zhi’s spikes which helped him save in every game; Guo Li-Jian-Fu’s spikes that he wore in 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Wang Chien-Ming’s real-size action figure, the palace lanterns and audience seats that were left in the former Taipei Municipal Baseball Stadium are all worth a look.

On Feb. 21st, Sport Story Museum invited the Director-General of Sports Administration Ho Jow-Fei, Deputy Mayor of Chiayi City Lee Si-Jin, and magistrate of Chiayi County Chang Hua-Kuan to participate in the opening ceremony. Lots of cerebrations were held during the ceremony, such as the performance of school taekwondo team and various activities like scuba diving, canoe paddling and rock climbing. There were also volunteers whom visitors could ask for tour guidance. On the same day, CCU signed the memorandum with Chiayi City and County and further started a new way of collaboration for promoting sports.

In the future, Sport Story Museum will improve its facilities and services and there will be more diverse activities as well. Hopefully, it will become people’s favorite spot for family weekend trips. CCU indicates that educational institutions and local people are all welcome to visit Sport Story Museum and recollect interesting anecdotes in the movie “KANO” and the baseball history with us. Besides, there will be more exhibitions and interesting courses coming up in the future. Starting from March, 2014, group reservation is accepted.