Three CCU professors are on the list of excellent researchers of National Science Council

Published on Feb 12 2014

The 102th list of excellent researchers of National Science Council is unveiled. Among the 70 laureates, CCU Professors, Jeng Yeau-Ren from Dep. of Mechanical Engineering and Zhang Niina-Ning from Inst. of Linguistics, and Assistant Professor Tsai Hsing-Chien from Dep. and Inst. of Philosophy are awarded as a result of their long-term dedication and eminent performances on academic fields.

Professor Jeng Yeau-Ren from Dep. of Mechanical Engineering researched on various fields by cleverly maneuvering academic knowledge with applicable devices. Moreover, he published research results on popular academic periodicals, covering the fields of mechanics, physics, nanotechnology, semiconductor fabrication, biomedicine, and chemistry. Recently, tribology and contact mechanics of rough surfaces are regarded as his domain academic fields. After becoming the first Asian member of International Tribology Council in 2007 and having the tile of professor at the same time, Professor Jeng is awarded Innovative Research Award by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) due to his devotion on the multi-scale model for contact between rough surfaces and successful application to machine elements and semiconductor manufacturing. CCU indicates Professor Jeng is unprecedentedly the only Asian winner among American scholars from prestigious universities and National Research Center (NRC).

Professor Zhang Niina-Ning, having nine-year experience on teaching in Inst. of Linguistics, mainly studies in Syntax of Coordination and has repeatedly published theses on related international periodicals and monographs, including “Syntax in Coordination” in 2010 and “Classifier Structures in Mandarin Chinese” in 2013. In terms of theoretical foundation, Professor Zhang discovered the new principles on syntax of parallel construction and movement, nature of countable nouns, internal hierarchy of quantified nouns, and contrasts of expressing singular and plural forms, perfective aspect of verbs, and the preposition in East Asian languages. Besides, Professor Zhang also proposed a more convincing explanation on syntax of Chinese, English, and Sign languages than former studies. Furthermore, Professor Zhang also acts as one of editorial board for national and international linguistics periodicals and Academic Publishing International while dealing with teaching and administrative affairs.

Decidability is one of crucial issues in traditionally logical research. Although theories like mereology and mereotopology are valued by scholars, the research about decidability is still insufficient. In recent years, Assistant Professor Tsai Hsing-Chien from Dep. and Inst. of Philosophy has put all his effort into mereology and mereotopology and has accomplished great results. Later on, he publishes six theses on the western academic periodicals with great reputation. The former four of his theses focus on the axiomatization of decidability of mereology, and the latter two deal with most of the unsolved myths on decidability of mereotopology. All of the treaties of Assistant Professor Tsai turn out to be the most complete and newest achievement in this field.

In order to reward those outstanding scholars with great accomplishment for their long-term dedication to academic and industrial-academic researches, to heighten Taiwan’s academic level and international prestige, and to strengthen national industrial skilled performance and R&D ability, National Science Council divided Excellent ResearchAwards into two categories, academic and industrial-academic research, and award each awardee a certificate and NT. 900,000,000 prize.