CCU Professor Zhang Wen-Gong is one of the eight awardees who won Distinguished Electrical Engineering Professor Award from Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering.

Published on Dec 30 2013

CCU Professor Zhang Wen-Gong has taught in Department of Electrical Engineering for over 16 years, dedicating himself in teaching, research and engineering practice. He is awarded Distinguished Research Award by National Science Council and IEEE Fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Previously, he gained recognition from Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering and is awarded Distinguished Electrical Engineering Professor Award in 2013, becoming one of the eight awardees in Taiwan.

CCU indicates that Professor Zhang had led CCU research group to Germany, successfully examining the cause of malfunction of 345KV Underground Cable Power Supply System in Southern Taiwan Science Park. This helps Taiwan High-Tech industry and TPC (Taiwan Power Company) avert further loss from the blackout and increase the visibility of Taiwan’s capability toward diagnosis in electricity transmission system. In the aspect of practice, Professor Zhang focuses a lot on the measurement and improvement of Power Quality Signal, Fault Detection in Power System, and monitoring skills of Smart Grid and Microgrid. Besides, he also executes NSTP (National Science Technology Program-Energy) for successive 4 years, contributing substantially to development of Taiwan Smart Grid.

Professor Zhang Wen-Gong had worked for Power Business Department of Siemens located in the USA for many years, specializing in power quality, power management and power industry deregulation. He has accumulated over 20 years of experience on power engineering research, teaching and practicing. Professor Zhang has presented over 180 journal articles, conference papers, and book chapters; research papers and technical reports are up to 70. The total research funds nearly meet NT 100 million.

CCU expresses that Professor Zhang has made great contribution on cultivating engineering talents. His long-term service in CCU power engineering education has bred over 80 masters and PhDs. He is also orderly awarded Distinguished Research Award by National Science Council, IEEE Fellow, etc. This year, Professor Zhang is chosen as Technical Committee Program Chair of IEEE PES T&D Committee for a two-year term. He is the first Asian who takes the position, building up reputation on the field of power engineering for Taiwan.

Professor Zhang Wen-Gong is very active in academia and industry. Beside his participation in international academic organization and short-term teaching in Harmonics, he is also the member of IEEE power quality group, and advisor for Bureau of Energy, TPC, etc. Plus, he serves as a research consultant for matters about domestic power industry deregulation and electric power dispatch. Moreover, in order to promote electrical engineering and energy development policy, Professor Zhang serves as the initiator and general director of Taiwan Smart Grid Industry Association, and the consultant of Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research and Taiwan Institute of Economic Research.

Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering is one of the most long-standing academic organizations. “Distinguished Electrical Engineering Professor Award” is set up to praise scholars who hold outstanding achievement toward engineering practice and education. CCU indicates that Professor Zhang Wen-Gong not only deserves the award, but also the recognition for his dedication in teaching, research and social contribution.