CCU makes a statement toward the protesting of Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement

Published on Mar 24 2014

Recently, the protesting about Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement has highly raised awareness and concerns among university students. Off and on campus activities have been held constantly. Now, CCU Movement Club holds “Public Lecture: Democracy” in CCU. For this, CCU previously made an official statement about the trade pact and social engagement of CCU faculty and students, indicating that respect and support are given to people who are involved in. Besides, it calls for the government to listen to the voice of public.

In order to bring the issue to greater public awareness, CCU Movement Club held “Public Lecture: Democracy” on the grass next to Administration Building. Movement Club invited professors from Department of Law, Economics, Labor Relations, Communication, etc. to give public lectures, enabling students who cannot attend the demonstration in Taipei to have the opportunity involving in the discussion of Cross-Strait Trade Pact.

With reference to the public lectures held by students, CCU expresses that it gives respect and support as the faculty and students could get engaged in social issues with rationality. As for student strike, CCU respects their decision; yet, it expects students could be self-disciplined and maintain the order and cleanliness of the campus. Also, CCU indicates that if it is necessary, Office of General Affair will help take out the lease of portable toilets.

The translation of original CCU statement:

The issue of Cross-Strait Trade Pact has caused severe national turbulence. Despite the shutdown of parliament which hinders the function of government, the society has been in the state of serious disturbance. If the government cannot handle this situation properly, crisis of liberal democracy is underway.

A university is the palace of knowledge and the place to seek truth. No restraint and fear can be enforced upon it. It is considered the fifth power despite legislature, executive, judiciary and mass media. The non-violent action that students and teachers have taken is the representation of showing public concerns. It is an embodiment of public intellectuals and it cannot be disgraced and neglected.

Based on the current situation of the country, we sincerely appeal the government, especially President Ma, to listen to the voice of public and communicate with citizens. With the spirit of democracy, President Ma should deal with the constitutional crisis as soon as possible.

A country should be viewed as the nation of people. Interests of parties and individuals are not only biased but transitory. Presently, the crisis is formed. We appeal President Ma and the government to take actions instantly in order to sustain the development of the country.