Liu Chong-Qing from Graduate Institute of Mechanical Engineering is awarded Hiwin Thesis Award by discovering new approach to detect parameters of machine tools within 10 seconds.

Published on Mar 28 2014

In order to cut down the cost on machine tools and improve the accuracy of manufacturing, CCU student Liu Chong-Qing from Graduate Institute of Mechanical Engineering has dedicated himself to the research on approaches which aim to detect the mechanical features of machine tools. He also published a thesis “進給系統之摩擦力參數鑑別與動態分析”. It proposed a simple and quick method to detect the parameters of friction and inertia in each axis of machine tools. The research result contributed substantially to the industry of machine tools. Thus, Liu Chong-Qing received recognition from the industry and he was awarded Hiwin Thesis Award and a prize up to NT$1,000,000.

As machine tools are in operation, the frictional characteristics of each axis and the amount of inertia impede the efficiency of machines. In the past, manufacturers of machine tools had to spend roughly an hour detecting the frictional characteristics and inertia of every axis in machines. However, the new approach which is included in Liu Chong-Qing’s recently published thesis helps manufacturers to detect specific parameters within 10 seconds. With fine adjustment on other related parameters, a solution has been found. “Briefly speaking, manufacturers can improve the accuracy of machine tools without any costs as they follow the method in the thesis. It is certainly beneficial for machine tool industries,” said Liu Chong-Qing.

“In the process of research, it only requires 10 seconds on the experiment. Yet, the most difficult parts are to analyze experimental data and to discover the physical properties of mechanical structure.” Liu Chong-Qing said that he was so into his research so he spent lots of time in the library and study room. He did not waste any second to contemplate on the solution to break through research difficulties. As any progress was made, Liu Chong-Qing was happy that he couldn’t even sleep. Thus, he spent only 3 months figuring out the physical theory through his experiment because of his intense thinking. Consequently, many industrial problems have been solved due to his contribution.

“As you have the determination to solve problems, professors will approve your angle of thinking and solutions,” Liu Chong-Qing expressed. He is very thankful for Instructor Tsai Meng-Shiun’s prompt assistance to help him get to the core of complication as he met problems so that he could receive Hiwin Thesis Award this time. Besides, the Industry-Academic cooperation started by CCU Graduate Institute of Mechanical Engineering provides Liu Chong-Qing the opportunity to make early contact with engineers who have worked in industry. Liu Chong-Qing gains quite fun and self-content in the experience of the award and he has decided to study in the master program of Graduate Institute of Mechanical Engineering in CCU. In the future, he will keep dedicating himself in industries under the instruction of his professor.

“Hiwin Thesis Award” was started up by Hiwin Technologies Corp. in 2004. This year, it has entered its 10th year. It is not only valued by the domestic industry and academia, but it is also called the industrial version of Nobel Prize. This award annually plans over NT$12,000,000 for those students with outstanding performance. Hiwin Technologies Corp. also arranges awardees to attend biennially-held JIMTOF in Japan and a tour to iconic companies in order to bring technique of accuracy machinery back to our own industry.