The start-up project from CCU’s Dept. of Business Administration is awarded by coming up with the network platform combining Cochin Ceramics with Electronic Commerce

Published on Jan 15 2014

“What would happen when traditional culture of Cochin Ceramics and burgeoning business model of electronic commerce merge together?” With a caring heart toward Chiayi City, CCU student group from Dept. of Business Administration observes that the Cochin culture in Chiayi is gradually disappearing out of its restricted marketing channel and difficult manufacturing process. Therefore, the CCU group decides to merge the idea of Cochin Ceramics and electronic commerce together by proposing the project which is taken to help the culture of Cochin Ceramics break through the restriction of marketing channel through Internet. In the project competition of 4th CEO international electronic commerce (第四屆CEO國際電子商務盃專題競賽), this project also wins the championship of creative commodity and the second place in entrepreneurship groups.

“Matsu and Cochin Ceramics are traditions of Chiayi. However, while the worship of Matsu is well-known, tradition of Cochin Ceramics is not.” Out of their caring heart for Chiayi and the governmental promotion on cultural and creative industries in recent years, students, Zheng Boyuan, You Huinong, Tsai Mingyu , Huang Jingtang, Hsu Tinglin, and Chang Lingyu, from CCU Dept. of Business Administration visit one of Singang’s most famous spots, Bantaoyao of Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park. After knowing the disappearing tradition of Cochin Ceramics in the trip, they propose an entrepreneurial concept ”Lohas Redefine”.

“We plan a network platform providing an online channel for Chiayi’s dealers of Cochin Ceramics to update related information and put their products online. Hence, we can open up a new marketing channel despite the original ones which are used to be only physical storefront and phone ordering,” says Tsai Mingyu. Cochin Ceramics is widely used in temples and it has close connection with Singang Fengtain Gong which worships Matsu. Group leader, Zheng Boyuan, presents that they initially aims to promote Cochin Ceramics products which are related to Matsu culture on the platform. They desire to raise the reputation of Cochin Ceramics through Matsu’s belief. Later, they will plan to produce new products about famous sites of Chiayi, such as Alishan, to raise young spirits’ interests in local culture.

Tsai Mingyu also indicates that the concept of “Lohas Redefine” will be served as a medium and will help improving interaction between consumers and dealers. The products on the platform are all handcrafts, varying in different prices, sizes, and functions; Therefore, consumers can order products directly on the Internet. As orders are confirmed, the platform will transmit orders to dealers; dealers will cooperate with logistic companies, and deliver products through home delivery.

“Cochin Ceramics is fragile and delicate because it is fired at low temperature,” Tsai Mingyu says. Therefore, when they planned the business mode of the platform, the idea of logistics was challenged. They sometimes came up with great ways to solve the difficulty, but their professor turned down those solutions. Through group discussions and the guidance of Professor Huang Chengkuei from Dept. of Business Administration, students proposed the ideas of putting shockproof or crashproof buffers in the box and even utilizing strings to fix products and buffers tightly. During the delivering process, the platform will pay for all damaged goods so that logistics companies will not refuse to freight fragile products.
Besides, CCU student group also refers to market strategies of foreign platforms, and makes a plan for bonus accumulation in order to increase the return rate of clients through reward mechanisms. In addition, they cooperate with community to set up installation arts, plan one-day Cochin Ceramics promoting tour, and invite junior and elementary school students to attend classes, etc.

The project competition of CEO international electronic commerce is the biggest competition of electronic commerce, including international, entrepreneurship, and marketing groups. The whole competition can be divided into three stages which respectively are working on building web page of electronic commerce, filming commercials, and brainstorming marketing strategies or entrepreneurial projects. When speaking of the key to winning, Tsai Mingyu points out that their group differs from other groups because they do not take listed products as a subject and aim to combine ideas of cultural and creative industries. Moreover, ”Lohas Redefine” is praised as possessing insight of the entrepreneurship by judges because they take the future market projection into consideration as creating financial statement and predicting their financial status during the boom and bust.

“LOHAS is an attitude to help us slow down and enjoy our life for learning local culture again),” says student Tsai. Their group redefines LOHAS as a way to reconnect to the local culture. Surrounded by happiness of teamwork spirit in this competition, they look forward to collaborating with dealers in Chiayi who share the same concept if having any chances to act on the project.