National Chung Cheng University signs the agreement for academic cooperation with National Quemoy University.

Published on Apr 25 2014

Previously on April 25th, National Chung Cheng University (CCU) signed the agreement for academic cooperation with National Quemoy University (NQU) in conference room of CCU Administration Building. CCU President Wu Jyh-Yang and NQU President Lee Chin-Cheng had respectively represented each university to sign the agreement. In the future, these two universities will have exchanges in academic research, library collections, and student training programs, etc. Besides, students are allowed to exchange to cooperative university for more cross-campus courses which creates a more diverse learning environment for students.

On April 25th, NQU President Lee Chin-Cheng led Dean of Academic Affairs Lee Hsi-Chieh, Dean of Research & Development Lee King-Tan and related staff to CCU Conference Room of Administration Building for signing ceremony of the agreement and further became academic partners. The five-year agreement includes cross-campus course selection, exchange of students, mutual support in General Education, student intern supervision, distance education, E-learning, etc. In the aspect of book collections, exchanges in academic periodicals, E-books, reference books are also covered in the agreement.

NQU President Lee Chin-Cheng indicates that academic exchange is a trend in higher education. Thus, seeking for interscholastic exchanges is the main objective of NQU which enhances the quality of cross-campus research and teaching. CCU President Wu Jyh-Yang also emphasizes that CCU endeavors to provide a diverse learning environment and encourages students to participate in either domestic or international academic exchanges. He hopes through mutual communication of both universities, it could lead CCU and NQU to prosperity in academic achievement.

NQU is the only university which is not on the main island of Taiwan, so it possesses a unique and well-known local culture. Founded as junior college, further reformed as college and now university, NQU has managed it well on each reformation and reached a new milestone. Currently, NQU comprises 5 colleges and it has established partnership with many universities, providing students with diverse learning environment and cultivating students’ competiveness.

CCU is a university with freedom and diversity and it is also one of the most newly established comprehensive universities in Taiwan. Its academic achievement is recognized by multiple fields. The agreement signed by CCU and NQU represents that the effort that CCU has put in finally pays off. CCU looks forward to future collaboration with NQU, hoping the exchange could reach the result of mutual growth.