Principal of CCU Wu Zhi Yang Heading to University of Malaya Opening the New Page of Collaborating Overseas

Published on Jul 07 2014

CCU, University of Malaya, and the industries of Taiwan have signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today during the opening ceremony of 2014 Malaysia Taiwan Higher Education Fair held at Kuala Lumpur World Trade Center. This is to establish a tripartite industry-academia cooperation model to take cross-university cooperation to a higher level. In the future, in addition to having overseas exchange programs between students of the two universities and the researchers, they will also have academic cooperation programs to combine the three forces with industry partners, to break the bottleneck of current research and development.

Chung Cheng University stated that the tripartite cooperation model can be said to be an innovation model for higher education, and this is also very meaningful to Taiwan and Malaysia's bilateral education. Chung Cheng University President Wu Zhi Yang went to University of Malaya to sign the agreement, including VIP participants such as University of Malaya Chancellor Prof Dato 'Dr. Mohd Amin Jalaludin, chairman of The Federation of Alumni Association of Taiwan Universities, Li Zisong, and Ambassador Luo of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia.

The cooperation program included personnel training and academic cooperation. In terms of the personnel training, in addition to the exchange and communication between the students and staff of the two schools, the three parties will also set up related curriculum regarding research and development issues, thereby deepening and promoting related technologies. As for academic cooperation, the two universities and the industry of Taiwan will present bilateral cooperation programs from a common research topic, forming a tripartite force, breaking current research bottlenecks.

CCU's Advanced Institute of Manufacturing with High-Tech Innovations, established in 2011 under the Ministry of Education's top universities plan to inject funds, played an important role in the tripartite cooperation. The core technologies of the manufacturing system include intelligent and green energy-saving features, being the most forward-looking high-tech. Chung Cheng University President Wu Zhi Yang said, the two schools and industry signing the letter of intent is not only the substantive result for integrating forward-looking central domestic technology and building an international exchange platform over the years, but also a new milestone for cross-university cooperation and exchanges, as well as a major step forward to the implement of educational ideals and objectives of industrial base technology.

University of Malaya is ranked first among Malaysia's national universities, top 50 comprehensive universities in QS Asian University's ranking, and also Malaysia's largest and oldest institution of learning. CCU pointed out that through participation in AIM-HI Academic Research Program and Taiwan Universities Preview Manufacturing Systems International Seed elite camp, the performance of the students of University of Malaya, interacting with other international students from more than 20 of the world's top universities, is quite active and impressive, and thus promoted the school's team to have further cooperation relationship with University of Malaya.

In mid-March this year, Vice President of CCU and director of the center Zheng You Ren led the research team in the trip of visiting the University of Malaya, and co-sponsored the prospective manufacturing workshop. During the meeting, the University of Malaya showed great interest to the tripartite cooperation between the center and industry partners in the machinery field. Talking about how they promoted the signing of the cooperation, Zheng You Ren said: "They suggested that through the tripartite cooperation model, teachers and students of the University of Malaya with the academia and industry in Taiwan could have further opportunities for cooperation." After participating in this year's international Seed elite camp in July, Zheng You Ren felt confident in training future top engineers, and highly praised six students from the University of Malaya for their outstanding performance. Moreover, he is looking forward to the future tripartite cooperation.