Female Student of CCU Bravely Pursues Dream of Flying in Summer Vacation

Published on Aug 19 2014

Summer vacation has come, do you have the opportunity to realize your dream? Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature junior Chen Pin Xuan of Chung Cheng University has a childhood dream of becoming a pilot as she participated in "2014 Dream Big program." Relying on willpower and enthusiasm throughout the program, she stood out from hundreds of contestants, and she was the only female finalist among the five. Chen Pin Xuan went to Taitung for training in the summer, becoming the first batch of local self-training pilots, saving her NT seven hundred thousand dollars of training fees.

When Chen Pin Xuan was in elementary school, she had been looking forward to join in the Air Force pilots to serve the country, but had put away this dream due to shortsightedness. However, in her second year of studying foreign languages ​​department of CCU, she renewed hope from a pilot training seminar organized by campus recruitment activities. She learned that as long as she meets the criteria of binocular corrected visual acuity 1.0 through medical examination, she still would have the opportunity to become a pilot. Chen Pin Xuan began her physical training, increasing her jogging and swimming habit from three to five days a week, and also began to study her high school reference books to enhance her knowledge in mathematics, physics, and English. She plans to apply for the pilot after graduating from college.

Chen Pin Xuan said that she would habitually browse aviation magazines in preparation for training pilots. When she learned in Gamania Care Foundation and Ansett Aviation Training Center "2014 Dream Big program," that they were electing youngsters who have big dreams of age 20 to 24 to challenge PPL (private Pilot license), she was more than ecstatic to register, but the competing process was very difficult, including five stages of written tests, and also a creativity interview and physical fitness test.

"We climbed to the 15th floor from the first floor, as boys and girls have exactly the same standards!" Chen Pin Xuan said that in terms of physical standards, not only are they required to climb stairs to test their cardiovascular endurance, but also in the football game station project, the use of hand-eye coordination ability is also very important. In an interview on creativity, a one-minute film of telling their dreams must be completed within 20 minutes while accepting crisis management situations status questions, challenging the reactions of the students. Finally, a high standard of health checkup were conducted by the Civil Aviation Medical Center to determine their eligibility. Chen Pin Xuan showcased her homemade folding, which showed full of ambition of becoming a pilot, thus she became the only female finalist.

This summer, Chen Pin Xuan will be attending a two and a half months of training courses, also taking the Assessments of aviation disciplines and landing, stall training. After graduating from Taitung Training Center, Chen Pin Xuan will also receive a formal "Private Pilot License" (PPL) issued by CAAC, becoming the first batch of self-training pilots in Taiwan as she gets closer to her dream of becoming a female pilot.

"Although I do not fly the fastest aircraft, but my plane must be the one that flies the farthest and the most touching!" Chen Pin Xuan was very grateful to her parents, that although she was the only daughter of the family, her parents are quite liberal, fully supporting her towards her goal of becoming a pilot. Even if she was not good at science and engineering, Chen Pin Xuan studied relying on her unshakable spirit and tried hard to find opportunities for herself. She hopes that her story will inspire more people to pursue their dreams bravely when schooling.