[Lecturer Wanted!] 2017 CCU International Summer School (ISS)

[Lecturer Wanted!] 2017 CCU International Summer School (ISS)

We are recruiting CCU staffs and faculty to join us!

1. Duration:2017/08/07~2017/08/18
2. Topic of lectures:Integration vs. Diversity
3. Detailed description:
The 2017 CCU ISS will provide cross-disciplinary courses for students from all over the world with different academic backgrounds so that they can expose themselves to the diverse values from different fields. The vision is to integrate all these different teaching resources in the international summer school. Lecturers will share their professional expertise and equip students with the ability of critical thinking and multi-dimensional knowledge.

4. Lecture hours:18 hours
5. Payment: NTD800 per hour
6. Language:English
7. Target audience:Students from different counties with different academic backgrounds
8. Application deadline: 8th February, 2017
9. Announcement date: 15th February, 2017
10.Contact information: Chia-Hsuan Kuo (Shirley)
(Email: astshirley@ccu.edu.tw Extension: 17614)

Please fill out the application form which is attached in OIA's website to apply for a lecturer of the 2017 CCU ISS.


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